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hit and run

September 8, 2010

pardon the interruption

July 26, 2010

so, as most of you know, Things Are Afoot. new job, etc. which means less blogging. but don’t think that i’ve forgotten you, dear readers! here, entertain yourselves while i’m out:


nice sweaters!

July 15, 2010

so this song really toes the line of being too precious and twee, but i really like it anyway.


my mother, my nemesis

July 15, 2010

so my friend sent me this guest post on dooce, by sarah of que sera sera. and it delighted me and made me remember my childhood battles with my own mother. fighting with your mom is not like fighting with your brothers; for one, you can’t just pound your mother into submission. there are power dynamics at play. but if you’re persistent enough, you can actually win on occasion.

even during my high school years, i didn’t engage in many drag-out battles with my mom. i’m not much for confrontation to begin with, and both of my brothers led very dramatic lives (one unintentionally, through health problems, the other just by being a rebellious drama queen). i figured out early on that if nodded, smiled, did well in school, and came home on time, i could get away with quite a lot and avoid the entire need for a fight.*

but, you know, i am also a terribly stubborn person, from a family of terribly stubborn people, and so altercations were impossible to avoid entirely. there were the small, long-running battles: whether i would ever put on a slip without being argued into it first (no), whether she would ever let me have my hair the way i wanted (not for a long time), whether i could wear shorts to school (not until i wised up enough to start changing at school). but then there were the few, the proud, the blowouts. some of the more memorable below the jump.

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July 13, 2010

god dammit, nathan rabin, stop making me love you:

[Waylon Jennings] had the kind of upbringing that tends to breed either convicts or country legends.

I would argue that it’s not an either/or thing, but otherwise…


reminder: professionalism ahoy!

July 5, 2010

just a reminder: i have a new blog, one with my name on it and shit. one where i (theoretically) act like an adult and write posts i can actually show to the public. it’s finally up and running, so please check it out.

i’ll still post here, of course, but this will continue to be my “personal” blog, with no names but lots of whining and muppet videos.


embrace your destiny

June 16, 2010

i don’t consider myself a writer.

which is weird, right? because i write all kinds of things. i write this here blog (with a blatant disregard for consistent capitalization, even). i write a regular column, and i’ve written a whole book, and my resume even has a whole section for “publications.” most people would probably call me a writer. so why don’t i?

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