about slimlove

Edward Haughton “Slim” Love (August 1, 1890 – November 30, 1942) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who played 6 seasons in the Major Leagues for the Washington Senators (1913), the New York Yankees (1916-1918), and Detroit Tigers (1919-1920). Born in Love, Mississippi, Slim’s nickname arose from his large, lean frame, at 6’7″ and 195 pounds.

slimlove, on the other hand, is 5’5″ and most definitely not an athlete, although she loves college football. she also likes history, pop culture, dive bars, drinking songs, and the words “excessive” and “flummoxed.” her many dislikes include A4 paper, incorrect TX forms, office politics, and people who don’t use their turn signals.

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