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and you thought yours was bad

November 30, 2009

i’ll admit, my family is crazy, but we tend more towards shunning than blowout fights. certainly none of our holidays has ever turned out like these ones. a sample:

Roughly 13 years ago my family got together at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. My step mom and her brother have always had a “tumultuous” relationship. After dinner they got into an argument over who loved their long dead mother more. Shit was thrown around, plates broken, the usual. My dad tried to calm them down to no avail. So, he decided he had to distract them. He’d just gotten a Dodge conversion van, so he went out and fired it up and started ramming it at the cars of all our relatives – totaling roughly 10 cars until my step mom and uncle noticed and stopped fighting with each other in order to yell at him.

in fact, my best (and favorite) story of holiday calamity involves cooking and not fighting. when i was 8, we spent thanksgiving in monterey with my mom’s best friend. in the course of cooking dinner, they set the oven on fire twice (once wasn’t enough). then the power went out, and my brothers and i were convinced that they had been responsible for this somehow.

it’s mildly amusing, but really only if you were there. it’s not dramatic, and no one ended up in jail. which makes for boring stories, but at least i never had to bail anyone out after midnight on a holiday.



November 24, 2009

it’s that time of year, when we gather together with our friends and family, when we get warm and (drunkly) fuzzy, where we pause to give thanks for the important things in life. 

today, i am thankful for muppety goodness.


biggest badass ever

November 23, 2009

so sadly there is no “100 greatest deadwood quotes” a la the wire video i posted the other day (and really, there should be: someone get on that). but as i watched it (repeatedly), it struck me that between david simon and david milch, hbo really committed itself to teaching the american populace how to swear with style. for anyone who thinks that swearing shows a lack of creativity with language, i present to you mr. al swearengen, holding forth on the nature of life:

(played by the incredibly brilliant ian mcshane)


i love the whole world

November 22, 2009

discovery has a new “i love the whole world” promo. it is so inferior to this one, which i find just so incredibly charming. this is the original one minute version:

and, after the jump, the original 30 second version, which is slightly different.

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you happy now, bitch?

November 18, 2009


i could watch this all day, every day, and it would not be enough. the cheese stands alone, bitches.


get pissed

November 18, 2009

you know, most days i find politics just too depressing, and the power structure too entrenched, to really bother engaging with. i mean, i follow politics, but i don’t do much, you know? but everything about the healthcare reform effort, all summer long and into the fall (and now into the winter) has been so fucked up and ass-backwards, and it just gets worse and worse. the stupak amendment was really the breaking point for me, and so today i finally got pissed enough to email my senator (see below). will it help? probably not. but aside from torches & pitchforks in the streets, i don’t know what will.

Dear Senator Boxer,

I’ve long believed in health care reform, and I’m happy to see that progress on that front is finally being made. However, I’m quite distressed at the inclusion of the so-called Stupak Amendment in the House version of the bill.

In the past few months of hearings and reports, it’s become increasingly clear that women are at a disadvantage in the health care market, and I would hope that any national health care reform legislation would take this into account and include provisions that would encourage gender equality in health care. However, instead we get the Stupak Amendment, which seriously limits access to abortion.

If, as Bart Stupak argued on *Hardball* last night, this amendment is the same as the Hyde Amendment, then why do we need it? It is in fact not the same, it’s far more restricting. And if, as some on the left have said, this amendment is the price we have to pay to push through health reform, then I think it’s time for the Democrats to stop and re-evaluate. How much are we on the left willing to sacrifice to push this bill through? Where is the line? Last week, Ed Rendell said in an interview that it was “stupid” to get all up in arms over one “peripheral” issue. It is not stupid for women to be upset when we see our elected leaders selling us down the river, selling us out on an issue that is not “peripheral,” but is in fact deeply important to many of us and has been for decades.

Furthermore, according to an article in *The Nation* (, the current version of the bill does not require insurers to cover basic gynecological care like regular pelvic exams and birth control.

As a woman I resent the continued implications throughout this debate that women’s issues don’t matter. These issues don’t just affect women, and the continuing ghettoization and dismissal of women’s issues only points to the gender inequality that still exists in our society.

When the healthcare bill comes before the Senate, I would encourage you to do all you can to include better provisions for women’s health care, and to remove the Stupak Amendment from it. In fact, I think the Stupak Amendment is one of those issues that should be a dealbreaker: there’s compromise that leads you to accept what you can get rather than getting nothing, and then there is compromise that is really failure. Please don’t sell women out; we deserve better than that.

Thank you for your time. 


i can never move to alabama

November 17, 2009

i should be working right now. instead, i’ve had two shots of wild turkey and i’m listening to this album, and people, let me tell you, i am IN LOVE with a.a. bondy.