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nice sweaters!

July 15, 2010

so this song really toes the line of being too precious and twee, but i really like it anyway.


like a horse in a saddle

June 1, 2010

oh, people. it’s time for another installation of “slimlove loves nathan rabin,” as he tackles one of my favorite delightfully demented albums:

Like The Byrds did with Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, the brothers Ween recruited an all-star team of session musicians to give their smartass foray into country an authentic sheen on 12 Golden Country Greats (true to form, the album is only ten songs long; the album title refers to the session musicians). That’s the album’s most inspired joke: having country legends like Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Elvis’ longtime back-up singers The Jordanaires, and Buddy Harman dress up Ween’s puerile humor in a sparkling, rhinestone-studded Nudie suit.

i started listening to ween in college. their 1999 concert at the warfield was an epic event in my early adulthood. for a while there, T and i were both completely obsessed with 12 golden country greats. we listened to it in the morning before going off to class/work. we tried to convince everyone else we knew to listen to it. we could not understand why they could not see the humor in “piss up a rope,” which is so intentionally offensive it’s hysterically funny (i stand by that opinion, but your mileage may vary):

in recent years, ween has kind of stuck with the neo-prog rock sound they began with the mollusk (a brilliant album, incidentally). and while i still like their newer stuff and i find it, generally speaking, more listenable than godweensatan the oneness or the pod, it’s also not nearly as surprising or crazily awesome as the older albums. but then again, i guess that’s what happens when you stop huffing scotch guard.*

and yeah, i know that scotch guard thing was a joke. but at the time, if you’re listening to the pod while under the influence, it seems not only plausible but eminently reasonable.


i set fire to our bed

May 28, 2010

flames on the side of my face

May 28, 2010

so this week’s av q&a raises the question of art (or “art,” as the case may be) that absolutely infuriates you. which i find interesting because i was just thinking about this.

this time last week, i was driving down the coast to santa barbara. my tape player has apparently decided it really doesn’t want to work anymore, and my other ipod adapter (the radio scanner one) is kind of jacked up, so i was stuck with the radio for long swathes of the journey. and while flipping stations trying to find music (instead of shitty drive time djs), i got to hear the new katy perry song, which is so awful i’m not even going to link to it. just trust me, ok? it’s terrible.

and yet i didn’t change the station. i listened the whole way through. 4 minutes of absolute dreck that hurt my soul. and i realized that i almost never change the station when her music comes on. and i realized that this is because i love to hate katy perry’s so-called music. the lyrics are so vapid and inane, the music so craptacularly bland, the singing so atrocious, it’s like a perfect storm of all that’s wrong in pop music.

it’s not so-bad-it’s-good, it’s so bad that i actively enjoy hating it.


the biggest, meanest motherfucker at R&D Trucking

May 27, 2010

I don’t remember precisely the first DBT song I ever heard, but this is the first one I actually paid attention to, because the story behind it amused the hell out of me. DBT plays this song live a lot, and so pretty much all of their fans are acquainted with the trials and triumphs of Jan and Chester. And now Chester has passed. Rest in peace, man.


south detroit is a lake

May 14, 2010

y’all, maybe just because it’s friday afternoon, but seriously, this pleases me SO MUCH:

h/t to EotAW


five tornadoes, people

May 10, 2010

and just for putting up with the barrage of boring posts today, i will also tell you that i went to see DBT on saturday and it was great as per usual. and now you can listen to a song: