May 10, 2010

so i decided to start another blog. yes, another one. shut up. but this one will be one that actually has my name on it, and will be more professionally-oriented. i’ll reprint some of the better (ie: less whiny) posts from this blog, and maybe rework some old academic work, and try to review books and talk about culture. and i’ll maybe attempt to advertise my editing skillz.

if you bother to click above, you’ll see there’s nothing really on said blog at the moment. i need to get everything formatted properly first. i also really need a title – the one that’s there is just a placeholder. i had one all thought out (with a subtitle, even!) and then i didn’t write it down and now it’s gone into the ether. so your suggestions are welcome. seriously, people, help me out here. i suck at titling: in high school, i competed at a journalism conference in copyediting and headline writing, and i’m convinced my poor showing (honorable mention, fer chrissakes!) is due to the fact that i suck at headlines. true story.


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