let’s try this again

April 2, 2010

so last night i had this whole thing written out where i compared – no lie – a george jones song to a romantic comedy. in the light of day, it really, really didn’t hold up. so i’m scrapping it. except for this part, which i just really wanted to show you all.

ola may and frank on their 50th anniversary

these are my great-grandparents. they married in 1919 and were together until grandma ola may died in 1981. grandpa frank died 18 months later. i have always really wished that i had a chance to know them. especially since i have other pictures from the 1920s where ola may is wearing some wicked awesome shoes and looking kind of bad ass. incidentally, when i mentioned this to my great-aunt, she said “i don’t believe anyone ever called mom awesome. she was incredibly sweet and nice, but awesome?” oh, the power of pictures.


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