in which patterson sums up my life crisis

March 16, 2010

I think 27 is the year when young people realize they’re not going to get to do in their twenties what they thought they were going to do when they were 19. I think that’s the year of the reckoning. That’s the year that—almost universally it seems—you realize you haven’t conquered the world, and from where you’re standing you may not ever conquer the world. In fact, you might need to start working on Plan B.


btw, new DBT album dropped today.



  1. wow. apt.

  2. Quite apt. Even better was that when I first read the title, I mistook Patterson for Pattinson, and wondered what the hell Robert Pattinson was doing discussing aging.

    • or, um, what the hell i was doing quoting robert pattinson?

  3. Well, yes, I did wonder that as well.

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