my bloody valentine

February 14, 2010

in direct contrast to my previous post, i bring you this day in history: the st. valentine’s day massacre.

On February 14, 1929, in one of the bloodiest incidents of Prohibition-era Chicago, seven men were killed by either men from Al Capone’s gang or men associated with it. Bugs Moran, leader of the (largely Irish) North Side Gang, was the intended target, but he managed to miss the entire affair. The killers met little, if any, resistance from their targets as they had dressed as policemen, apparently convincingly.

(a few years ago, when i was working in the city, someone had written a countdown to valentine’s day on the kitchen white board. being me, i felt the need to respond, and posted something similar to the above. i think it lasted an entire day.)

some other decidedly non-romantic february 14th occurrences (including captain cook’s death!) can be found here, if that’s your thing.

happy valentine’s day, y’all!


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