this is why i named the new cat marlowe

February 10, 2010

have you read this book? you most certainly need to.

now, it’s well established that i adore raymond chandler, inveterate drunk and creator of philip marlowe, my hard-boiled hero. however, this book delights me for one ridiculous reason: there is a 10-page chapter of chandler’s letters to friends about cats. his stories about taki, his old, demanding, black persian–while universally recognizable to anyone who has ever lived with a cat–are so completely charming and disarming because this is a guy who generally writes stories about violence and crime. hell, he wrote the screenplay to double indemnity. and it turns out he was a big ol’ softy who not only let his cat boss him around, he would write 500-word letters to his friends about letting his cat boss him around.


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