bad. ass.

February 6, 2010
this week’s avq&a: favorite fictional bad asses.

now, i can’t quibble with most of the choices, and i might have even chosen several of them myself: omar from the wire, swearangen or charlie utter from deadwood, jayne from firefly (although i might argue that river is the bigger bad ass), daniel day-lewis in general (but, for me, especially as bill the butcher from gangs of new york). and i would add my favorite noir bad asses: marlowe (obviously), parker from the richard stark novels, and veronica fucking mars.

but, for me, as of this moment at least, my favorite bad ass is aeryn sun. in case you don’t watch farscape, i present to you this fan video (i didn’t make this, ok?) showing aeryn kicking ass all over the uncharted territories:


One comment

  1. i feel like i didn’t understand a word you just said. except for the part about the wire, because we already had that conversation.

    i am bad at this. 😦

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