a southern man tells better jokes

February 2, 2010

so this is a cover of a tom petty song:

it’s from the album southern accents, the one with “don’t come around here no more.” my two favorite songs on the album are “southern accents” and “rebels” – except i like the cover versions of both better (this song seems to go so well with who johnny cash was, and the DBT cover of “rebels” i would have sworn was totally written by them if i didn’t know better). i’m wondering why this is, why the original versions don’t resonate with me as much. i think that’s it because i see johnny cash and DBT as having specifically southern sensibilities, and thus being the kind of artists who would produce this song. whereas it just seemed to come out of left field coming from tom petty. but then, i guess that just means i need to listen to more than tom petty’s greatest hits.

also, ten points to you if you know what the subject line of this post is referring to.


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