drink like a writer

December 4, 2009

it’s the return of pop-culture friday! i know you’re all excited. this week: preferred alcoholic beverages.

i actually wasn’t going to post on this, because i don’t think the world particularly cares about my drinking preferences (amber ales, especially smithwick’s on tap; red wine; champagne; bourbon; vodka). but i did want to share three of the contributors’ comments with you. first, there are these:

Leonard Pierce
I’m not going to say for sure that I am the biggest drunk of anyone whose name has ever appeared in an A.V. Club byline, but I will say that I like drinking… a lot. I drink every day, because a day without liquor is pert near unbearable, unless there’s some good zoot-weed in the house. I don’t drink wine (something about it makes me sick) and I quit drinking beer (takes too long and gets me too fat), but any kind of hard liquor has a home in my bloodstream

Keith Phipps
Also, a good bourbon on the rocks can’t be beat. And don’t ask me if I mean Kentucky bourbon. If it isn’t from Kentucky, it isn’t bourbon.

and then, the kicker:

Nathan Rabin [down in the comments section, should you actually click through]
Incidentally, I nurse fantasies of someday opening a school that will teach neophytes how to hold their liquor like a writer. That’s the dream at least. 

you see why i keep coming back to the av club? pop culture + casual alcoholism = happy.


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