you happy now, bitch?

November 18, 2009


i could watch this all day, every day, and it would not be enough. the cheese stands alone, bitches.



  1. Shiiiiiiiiiit.

    This is awesome.

    • no doubt.

    • on tha av club, recently, in reference to *sons of anarchy,* a commenter said:


      18 Nov. 2009 | 9:59 AM CST

      Kim Coates has been surprising me with his acting. I never thought that the guy I was introduced to onscreen as the cocky, sadistic asshole who gets his nose shoved into his brain by Bruce Willis inTHE LAST BOYSCOUT could play characters with such depth and nuance. Coates rules.

      I love how SoA takes all these guys who have made careers out of playing Henchman #2 or whatever and given them meaty roles to play, which shows why they’ve stayed in the biz for years even if you never quite knew their names before.

      that’s what kills me about *the wire.*I not just that it’s unlikely that something will ever again be on tv that’s this amazing, but that there are so few opportunities for excellent character actors, especially black actors. the people who played marlo, stinger, bodie, kima…they deserve better than the random guest spot.

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