holidaze (oh, what an original pun)

November 13, 2009

so this week’s av q&a is about entertainment rituals. and since most of mine have to do with the holiday season, which is about to be upon us, i thought i’d just deal with those (although i will also mention that i enjoy watching sesame street when i’m sick, it cheers me up and gives me that sick-home-from-school feeling of childhood). 

so y’all (mostly) know that i am a huge sucker for holidays, and i have all kinds of seasonal rituals. there are the thoroughly ordinary (football on thanksgiving; last year i even fell asleep during the texas-texas a&m game, like a good american) and the less-so, like the fact that i frequently associate star wars with thanksgiving because they used to show the whole trilogy on tv the day after thanksgiving and my family would spend the whole day watching it and eating leftover turkey.

as for christmas…well, christmas is my very favorite holiday, and i spend most of december in mad holiday mode. there is decorating, and baking, and fudge-making. there is an enormous collection of christmas music, which i listen to while making said fudge. and i love a bunch of christmas movies, from silly romantic comedies (love actually) to more reputable films like elf and the muppet christmas carol and, added for this year, the SF ballet’s production of the nutcracker. i will watch all of these movies many times over (i own them all). and i like some older movies, like white christmas, and will watch them if i catch them on tv, but weirdly enough i’ve never cared for it’s a wonderful life, and i get annoyed that it’s on like every day in december.

but then there’s the real classics, the shows that make the season: a charlie brown christmas and how the grinch stole christmas. they never get old. i mean, come on:

and now, an early holiday gift for you, the gift of mockery. for your eternal amusement, one of my very favorite christmas songs, one that never fails to crack me up (so earnest! so misguided!):

you’re welcome.


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