the brakes are thin and the curves are fast

November 10, 2009

you will be shocked, shocked i tell you!, to discover that i loooooooooooooove the live cd/dvd combo the drive-by truckers put out over the summer. now, i liked their previous concert dvd, and i watch it every once in a while, but i am IN LOVE with live in austin. despite being filmed for pbs, and so being edited slightly (i’m pretty sure they cut out some swearing) and filmed in a more tame environment than most of their shows take place in (seats! polite applause!), it’s very close to what their shows are like. and i honestly love some of the songs more than i did the album versions (and it’s not like i hated the album versions, either). in particular, this live version of “the righteous path” really puts me into that everything-is-good space. do you have that space with certain songs? where you just turn on a song, and it might not even be your favorite song, really, but as soon as you hear those opening chords it’s like everything in you just lets go and relaxes and you’re just in a much better head space. 


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