there were no candles

November 5, 2009

came across this during the morning blogroll, which posed the question:

The question of the day on Typepad is, “What did you do for your 16th birthday?” And the sad truth is, I have no idea.

the tenor of the post is kind of wistful, but it brought completely different memories to mind for me. here’s what happened on my 16th birthday:

  • i took cupcakes to school (foreshadowing a trend of bringing baked goods to all and sundry)
  • on the way to school, a recently-transferred airman swerved out of his lane and into ours, crushing the left front bumper of our craptacular 1987 ford tempo. no one was hurt. i was late to school; my mom was late to work. the guy did not have insurance, as he had canceled his before moving to California from DC; this provided my mother a chance to teach me an important life lesson about never canceling your insurance until a new policy is in place. we got a new car (1993 ford escort wagon, also in gray, also named betsy).
  • my friend dawn gave birth to a son (don’t worry, she was older than me by about ten years).

i am not entirely sure whether this was more or less eventful than my 15th birthday (ear piercing; first boyfriend), but it was certainly memorable.


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