on infidelity

October 22, 2009

do you ever hear a song, and in addition to giving you one of those “how have i not heard this before??!?!” moments, you instantly place it next to another song on your mental playlist, and then you start wondering what other songs you could put with them? behold, the beginnings of my infidelity playlist, which started when my friend changed his gchat status to “although my heart is hurtin my shotgun is working”: 

The Lemonheads – Baby’s Home

My indecision is causing me pain
It’s hard to conceal it
And it’s harder to name
Before I leave for work
Here’s some words that might hurt
But it’s something that I have to say

Think about me, when he calls around three
The time that you know I’m not at home
All that I ask is our promises last
‘Til the time I can stand on my own

When I horse breaks a leg
Then it’s best to shoot it
‘Cause it’s quick and it eases the pain
But when a marriage is dying
Tell me who does the firing
And who is to say who’s to blame

Think about me, when he calls around three
The time that you know I’m not at home
All that I ask is our promises last
‘Til the time I can stand on my own

You may think i went to work
But i took the day off
And i watched him as his car pulled in the drive
And although my heart’s hurtin’ 
My shotgun is workin’
And it packs one hell of a surprise

Think about me, when he calls around three
‘Cause guess what your baby is home
I’ll cut you in half with a double shot blast
And I’ll pound on his head with a stone
‘Til I think I can stand on my own 

which, despite the lack of shotguns, immediately reminded me of this fine song:

(the first song in this video; incidentally, i was at this show, practically bouncing up and down in my chair, i was so excited. my friends were amused. also incidentally, i hate the word “panties.”)

Drive-By Truckers – Panties in Your Purse 

Saw you standing in the hallway, red plastic cup, and one of those big long cigarettes
You asked me if I could play you some Dylan
I said “Dylan who?” you told me to kiss your ass
I apologized, but you could tell I didn’t mean it by the way I rolled my eyes
and when you said it wasn’t me it was you
somehow I knew you were gonna tell me why

Stuff was flying out of the window
falling and breaking on the pavement underneath
He’s screaming at you, red faced and fuming
He’d come home early, parked his car way up the street
You had your stockings in your hand, panties in your purse
it was ten a.m. and all the neighbors heard
him calling you a whore and a tramp
you just stood there while your heels sank into the warm wet ground

He got a lawyer, you got a bottle
He got the children and you moved in with your mama
She fixes breakfast and lets you use her car
she don’t care how late you call to tell her where you are
Ya’ll still fight and she still nags you some
but somehow it’s different now than when you were young
It’s your own damn fault you been threw hell
for one reason or another, somehow she kinda blames herself

i welcome other suggestions for this playlist.



  1. Maroon 5, “Wake up Call,” which is the only song of theirs I can name. I was watching Spanish music videos one day and it came on, and I was like, “this is not Latin music.” But it was kind of catchy anyhow.

  2. Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder and Lead.” It isn’t exactly about infidelity, but it could be read that way, and it is definitely about shot guns.

  3. Oops, that was me. And perusing Miranda Lambert’s ouevre, I found another – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

  4. oh yeah, and from my pop-radio listening days of junior high– “I Saw Red” by Damn Yankees.

  5. My favorite infidel song that I can think of right now.

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