safely home among the heathens once again

October 8, 2009

so i’ve been home for like a week now, but i have been busy, you guys. seriously busy. so while i have many, many pictures and many, many things to tell you about my trip to Ye Olde South, i will start with just this anecdote, which i believe totally sums up the weirdness of the south:

in savannah, we were wandering around the historic old part of the city and ended up in this yarn/craft/weaving store. sitting inside and knitting were exactly the kind of ladies you would expect to find knitting in an upscale craft store in a sophisticated city: tattooed hipster types. this kind of situation could be found in portland or san francisco or many other cities.

except they were talking about guns. hand guns, specifically, and how to go about getting a conceal & carry permit in georgia, and how if you’re pulled over (like a regular traffic stop or some such) you should always be sure to tell the cop that you a) are carrying a gun; and b) have a permit for it.


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