on the road

August 3, 2009

sometimes you have a bad day. sometimes it seems like all you have anymore are bad days. and sometimes you reach that point, where you just say FUCK IT and hop in the car, desperate to be anywhere but where you are.

or, at least, you say that’s what you’re going to do. sometimes you even describe this adventure in detail: operating a bar/surf shack on the beach in belize; driving across canada; moving to texas and finding a nice cowboy. 

i am not particularly feeling this urge right now (people were being stupid this morning, but i got past it), but i just heard this song and it’s a great road song and so i thought, well, if i can’t actually drop my life for the Great American Road Trip, i can at least listen to some road trip songs.







is it just me or does country have better road songs? or maybe just more road songs? or is my data pool just massively skewed? (also, i have way, way more road songs, these were just the ones i could think of while at work and limited by what’s available on youtube. there are plenty of great songs that the internet won’t cough up – cake like’s “my guy” and the tom waits/primus collaboration on “home i’ll never be,” among others.)


One comment

  1. One of my favorites – I’m not entirely sure it counts – is Paul Simon’s Graceland.

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