another damn wedding

July 16, 2009

this week, a topic that has recently become near and dear to my heart: weddings!*

so the question is actually what’s the best music or reading you’ve experienced during a wedding. i haven’t attended that many, and aside from the stanford band, i don’t really recall the music. but i have a large music collection, so i’m always willing to make suggestions.

of course, my taste in romantic music tends to run towards the offbeat or downright tragic (i love me some sad songs), or more about living with lost love than with love itself (for instance, i think rilo kiley’s “for the rest of my life” is a sweet, lovely song, but it’s not really the best choice for a wedding).

some other suggestions that might** be slightly more appropriate while still being somewhat varied and designed to appeal to a variety of people:

  • John Prine & Iris DeMent – In Spite of Ourselves: her voice might bug people, but it’s an absolutely sweet little song.
  • Nerf Herder – Pantera Fans in Love: extremely quirky.
  • Johnny Cash – Walk The Line: ain’t nothing wrong with making an obvious choice once in a while.
  • Led Zeppelin – Thank You: a sweet love song from guys not usually associated with that genre (there’s also a tori amos cover that’s quite nice).
  • The Pixies – La La La Love You
  • Randy Travis – Forever and Ever, Amen: i’ll probably deconstruct this one day, but i really find this song completely charming. always loved the video, too (sadly, the official video is unavailable on youtube).
  • Steve Earle – Nothin’ Without You and Days Aren’t Long Enough: the first is sweet but almost sad (in tone, anyway); the second is from a later album when Steve was recently married and all in lurve and shit, it’s much more upbeat.
  • The Cure – Love Song: again with the obvious.
  • Waylon Jennings – Waltz Across Texas: weirdly enough, the link goes to a springsteen version.
  • Elvis – Can’t Help Falling In Love With You: not to everyone’s taste, but i rather like the king.
  • TV on the Radio – Ambulance: if you can listen to this without turning into a puddle of longing, you are made of stone.
  • Bob Dylan – Forever Young: not exactly romantic, per se, but a good starting life sort of song. numerous covers available (some of them quite good) if you’re not into Dylan himself.
  • Sleater Kinney – I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone: what? it’s an expression of love!
  • Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love: who doesn’t love Barry?

so now over to you: your thoughts on favorite romantic/wedding-appropriate music?

*no, obviously i am not the one getting married. but i have been recruited into a friend’s best lady brigade. let the planning commence!

**i stress the might part



  1. dude. i think if we have one, our “first dance” song is going to be about haitians being murdered by the tonton macoute militia during the duvalier dictatorship. yet it sounds so sweet and happy!

    yeah. not so much into “romantic” songs in general. i think for weddings (well, mine anyway) it’s less about the topics of the lyrics as it is the overall feeling it evokes.

    • hee! that’s another of my favorite song types: happy, upbeat music matched to really depressing or angry lyrics.

  2. All very cool choices above. I wish you’d DJ’ed my Bar Mitzvah.

    I am always a fan of unique music choices that are especially meaningful to the couple — so bring on the offbeat and downright tragic as long as it means something to the bride and groom.

    One of my friends had Tommy Keene play his wedding and even though maybe half the guests didn’t get the big deal to hear him sing “Places That Are Gone” the groom and bride were in heaven and still talk about it. It was pretty awesome.

    I am a softy for some of the romantic standards — Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewehere Over The Rainbow” always gets me. I know everyone play it but I still like it.

    I guess there needs to be music that people can dance to (if there is dancing) – something like a whole night of Pink Floyd might be a bit much unless there is a light show included.

    I do have to admit that if/when “Achy Breaky Heart” starts up I have to leave the ballroom.

    • look who’s no longer a lurker!

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