bludgeon yer eye

July 10, 2009

this week’s question revolves around first jobs and pop culture memories associated with them. for this, i am counting my first real job, working in a strange independent drug store in berkeley when i was 18. i worked there off and on for years; the owner loved me (she had no ability to hire reliable people, so having one actual responsible person around made her happy) and would always take me back when i needed a job, no questions asked.

depending on who was working, the music selection varied wildly. my favorite musical era at this place probably came during the summer i worked there full time, when goth katie and i were essentially the only weekday employees, so we had full control of the stereo. this was the summer i fell in love with Ween, and i remember playing the mollusk a fair amount. i think maybe i was also listening to Nick Cave a lot that summer. katie preferred dark music, even occasionally some REALLY dark/heavy music. the boss let us get away with nearly anything, so long as the customers weren’t complaining.

fast forward a summer or two, when i was back, working part time. shaggy was working there too, at the time, along with a bunch of idiots. no one could ever agree on what music to listen to, and the idiots made such a big fucking deal of it that the boss got pissed at all of us and took over music control. we mostly listened to ENERGY 92.7 for a few weeks (where every song was played 3 times a day, minimum), until boss lady discovered Alice DJ. she went right out and bought the album and it was on nearly constantly for the rest of the summer. to this day, i very occasionally encounter songs off that album in the course of my life, and it never fails to totally crack me and shaggy up.

sadly, youtube isn’t coming through with any videos for “i’m a dj, alice dj,” so i’ll leave you with “better off alone” instead:



  1. Shaggy?

  2. I think it was probably me (Shaggy) who introduced her to Alice Deejay. Sorry about that.

    • could have been worse, i suppose.

      • just in case anyone just has to hear the i’m a dj song, here is a link:

      • of course, you would be able to find it. apparently i just wasn’t committed enough to hearing “i’m a dj…alice dj!” over some fluffy ass pop trance beats.

  3. I broke up with Jason to this song. Awww…memories.

  4. […] hurt, yes, but it was more shocking than anything else. that done, we stopped by the drug store (my previous place of employment, incidentally) so i could get some bactine and then went to […]

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