this ain’t the world we signed up for

July 6, 2009

my parents are getting married. to each other.

i spent all morning working on and off on a lengthy post about my parents’ relationship (or lack thereof) and all the reasons why this is a bad idea, and eventually it just kind of fell apart. i was just going in circles, and it wasn’t helping, and nothing was clear, and i just sounded more and more childish and petulant (which i maybe am). so here’s the gist of what i was trying to convey:

  • my parents married in 1976 after knowing each other 6 months. they divorced in 1984. my father disappeared entirely in 1988. he was absent–physically, emotionally, financially–for the vast majority of my childhood before reappearing a few years ago.
  • i was horrified when my parents started dating. good christian or not, how exactly does one forgive the man who left you to raise three kids alone? 
  • this whole situation–and i’m really the only one upset by it, my brothers are fine, although my mom’s family is going to flip out when they finally find out about it–has brought up a ton of issues i was perfectly happy not addressing. among other things, i’m rather juvenilely pissed about how this is going to affect my relationship with my mom, which was pretty good, all things considered.
  • there are about 5 million reasons this is a terrible idea, quite aside from my personal feelings on the matter. they’ve been dating for SIX MONTHS and they’re ready to get married? what’s the big rush? 

i’m still trying to sort this all out in my head. but, long story short, this sucks.


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