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June 19, 2009

this week’s question: the best music of 2009 so far. except not. i am never really up on when music comes out and sometimes i discover things at really weird times, so i’m just going to list the albums or songs i have fallen for this year.

the soundtrack for once. a friend recommended the movie and i watched it kind of grudgingly (i thought i wasn’t in the mood for it or something) but then i really liked it and had to admit my friend was totally right.

i have been watching the first season of the l word this week, and whoever does the music is weirdly obsessed with nick cave’s 1997 album the boatman’s call. not that i blame said person, for it is a righteous album, which for some reason i had never listened to before. but now i love it.

shaggy has introduced me to any number of electro pop acts, my favorite of which is ladyhawke.

also, i know girl talk isn’t really electro pop, but i’m not sure what to classify them as. aside from “good.”

jason isbell (formerly of the drive-by truckers) released a new album earlier this year, which i pretty much listened to on repeat through the dark days of february. and if there are two things i love in a song, they are booze and sadness.

i already posted the tegan & sara song i love, and that whole album is definitely worth listening to. also in the genre o’ indie rock, the heartless bastards:

oh, and this song by the soulsavers. i haven’t tracked down the album yet, but i covet it.

when i was down in santa barbara last month, i was playing with bug’s music collection and found an old mary chapin carpenter album that i’d forgotten i totally love, come on, come on. i chose this particular YouTube offering because it gives me hilarious, pleasant flashbacks to my childhood. i actually remember being really, really excited when our cable system started offering CMT.

a couple months back, i listened to the best of otis redding on repeat for a couple of days. i can’t believe he was only 26 when he died.

happy friday, y’all.



  1. Ha, I had the exact same experience with Once!

  2. I’ve told you about this song before– I just now found the video. Which is even awesomer.

    • you are my favorite person ever

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