were you born in a barn?

June 18, 2009

ok, seriously. is it so hard to understand that there is a distinct difference between your home and your office? it is NOT OKAY to leave your dirty dishes in the office sink. other people may need to use the communal dishes, for one, and it’s simple courtesy to wash them and put them away after you’ve used them. but beyond that, who is it that you think is going to wash them for you? are so high and mighty that you are above dishes? this is publishing, folks, and non-profit at that. i seriously doubt that any one of you is rich enough to have a maid picking up after you at home, and even if you did, we certainly don’t have one here. it takes less than a minute to wash your plate and fork. 

the title phrase, by the way, is my mother’s favorite expression for any sort of impolite or crude behavior (or even such stupid things as not shutting the door behind you when you come in the house).


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