she smelled like cigarettes and wine

June 12, 2009

this week’s question: what fictional universe would you most like to inhabit?

for some reason, i’ve always been drawn to post-war america. admittedly, the portrayal of women’s roles on mad men scares the crap out of me and i nearly weep with horror at the thought of being separated from my beloved internet, but other than that, i am so down with that time period. i think my ideal universe would be a cross between the sense of opportunity amid cultural oppression that kerouac’s works create (all those road trips, the random apartments, the way that life seemed to happen without much effort), the style of salinger’s works and mad men, and the fascinating, slippery, beautiful, dirty world of raymond chandler and charles bukowski.

basically, i envision myself as a skinny girl in black pants, a man’s dress shirt, and ballet flats, permanently holding a cigarette (along with either a high ball or a jug of cheap red wine), bouncing between la, san francisco, and new york, tangled up with poets and artists and other denizens of skid row. and since it’s fantasy and all, i would obviously (obviously!) have been at the six gallery reading.


One comment

  1. This is a question that I’m incapable of answering (though I admit that I rather agree with you, AND with the commenter who said they’d like to live in Harry Potter-ville).

    Good post! I like these weekly features.

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