June 9, 2009

so many years ago, 2001 maybe, i used to hang out with this guy. he was odd, and he had even odder friends. one of these very odd friends (who was, totally coincidentally, the step-grandson of the pastor of the church i attended in high school) was a musician. and on a summer evening in 2001 (probably, but maybe it was 2002), when my very good friend sleaze (not her real name) was visiting me, we headed to a converted warehouse space in downtown oakland to see this very odd friend of a friend play in a line up of one man bands.

i don’t really remember much about the actual acts that played that night (not even my friend’s friend, although i do remember some of his other shows). what i primarily remember is that there was a delay of some sort, someone stuck in traffic. and so, to entertain us while we waited, some dude who was affiliated with the people putting on the show (but not scheduled to be in the show) got up with his accordion and played us some songs.

they were fantastic. not to mention, fantastically bizarre. i only remember two of them clearly. the first was called “do the octopus” and it was about dancing like a swimming octopus. and “octopus” was pronounced “ock-top-us” rather than “octo-puss.” but the real, true classic, the one that somehow popped into my head this morning, the one i have scoured google for to no avail, was about a sandwich. specifically, it was about going to the fridge in the middle of the night and meeting your destiny there in sandwich form. i cannot find the words to describe how awesome it was to see this dorky looking white guy careening around a small warehouse space with an accordion, singing about being the sandwich of your destiny.

as someone who loves both sandwiches and the bizarre, this is one of my favorite memories ever. seriously, if you know who this dude is, hook a sister up.

i am the sandwich of your destiny.


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