quote madness

May 22, 2009

so ever since the av club started their new friday feature, pop culture q & a, i’ve been playing along in my head and toying with the idea of playing along in writing as well, and today’s the day i get off my ass and actually post something to this blog.

the question of the week: old, out-dated, or otherwise random pop-culture quotes you just can’t stop using. to which i say:

  • “i’m cold and wolves are after me,” which grandpa says on an old episode of the simpsons. my high school friends and i found this hilarious, for some reason, and it still comes to mind as short hand in any sort of situation where i am whining for no reason and just want to make myself that much more ridiculous.
  • “you think you’re so funny.” during my stoned college days, i watched comedy central presents a lot, and my second favorite episode (after the mitch hedberg ep) was elvira kurt. she does this wonderful impression of her hungarian mother’s disapproval. no one seems to find this as hilarious as i do.
  • “an interesting locution.” from the laurie colwin short story “the achieve of, the mastery of the thing,” which i have loved since i was 18. the line is an inside joke between the two main characters, who spend their time getting high and having silly conversations.
  • various lines from riding with death (mst3k edition), including “as elusive as robert denby,” “flapjacks,” and “because that’s what being ben murphy is all about.” only my best friend thinks this is funny, but then, she’s the one who got me started on this episode, so that makes sense.
  • “standing tall like a big, blonde marine,” a line from a mid-90s barq’s commercial that only 3 people seem to remember.  
  • “you shouldn’t try to fly, nancy, and you shouldn’t listen to british people,” from the eminently quotable mr. show.


  1. just gotta keep it mellow.

  2. Oh man. Am I one of those 3 people?

    • apparently

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